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Mark My Words is the business and property podcast that reveals the views of Mark Homer and the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, through detailed discussions on how to build more money through stable BMV investments, smart living and passive income. It’s also free of adverts, waffle, ego and big pitches, and has been distilled down to only the most precious insights, eye-opening Q&As and powerful guides to help you make bigger, better, and more profitable business.

If you want to challenge what you know, to gain from the knowledge of the UK’s most contrarian successful entrepreneur, and to listen in on some of the most stimulating, insightful conversations about business and property investment, then the Mark My Words podcast is your go-to, no-fluff guide.


Passion, Self-Developement And How To Make Better Money

| Business, Rob's View, Uncategorised | 11,721 Comments

It would be a dream if you could live your life doing exactly what you wanted, all the time, and you could comfortably, happily, profitably survive doing nothing else but…

Doubtful Voices: Entrepreneurial Mindset and Self-development

| Business, Rob's View | 225 Comments

Every disruptive entrepreneur all hear doubtful voices from time to time – the only difference is the way we contend with them. Negative voices in our heads are natural, and…

Personal Growth and Self-Development: From Values to Vision to Reality

| Business, Rob's View | 248 Comments

If you, like many other entrepreneurs, struggle to see the links between what you want to be doing and what you are doing, take a moment to try this quick…

Price strategies for success in business

| Business | 16,575 Comments

Let’s get one thing out of the way: there is more than enough money out there for you, and you are more than enough to make great money. I start…

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