7 ways ‘creatives’ can transition from art to business


It’s a total myth that some are creative & others aren’t.  We’re all creative in our passions and values; the things we love to do where time stands still, and not in our non-passions and things we feel we are forced to do by others.

We’re all creative when inspired and in flow, and not when not, and when we need external motivation to force us into something.

Here are 7 ways to hone your art-creativity into your enterprise, to harness and expand your creativity into business and Entrepreneurship, rather than suppress it:

1. Hone your creativity into business functions – innovation, marketing ideas, brainstorming, design, branding, social media, videos, story-telling; even finance & operations

2. Hone your creativity into a uniq, creative culture. Create a culture that wows, that other businesses are envious of create 3-5 clear culture values that reprints you and your creativity and uniqueness; your quirks & whacky-ness that build loyalty & memorability

3. Hone your creativity into solving problems for your clients, who will become loyal raving fans and pay you handsomely

4. Reverse engineer your creative processes and system [or create one if you don’t know what it is] and teach it to and inspire others, your team or your fans, followers and customers

5. Take what has worked in your existing creation and merge and bring it into your new enterprise, business or Entrepreneurial endeavour. Transmute and bring new ideas from your unrelated creative activities to create new creative ones

6. Continue to disrupt, re-create & innovate, including yourself. Solve problems in your business and industry and you hone your creative urges. Do things differently to the rest in your market or niche. You can out-creative your competition

7. Create a creative space [& get rid of distractions/clutter]. Make your place of work a fun, innovative and conducive place to be creative and you’ll find even the non-creative types become creative; even finance 🙂

You see building business and being an Entrepreneur IS creation & creativity; and creativity is another word for disruption, innovation and change. Everything from building a team to choosing and leasing and fitting out premises & space, to brand, to vision, culture and legacy.

You see building business IS creation & creativity ongoing [building a team, premises & space, brand, legacy, culture, uniqueness]

What creative things have your brought to business/Entrepreneurship?

Any comments, questions, or wild disagreements please post below

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