How to systemise your business in 5 simple steps


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To keep the theme for the #‎LifeLeverage book launch I thought you would appreciate this simple yet valuable & scalable process to systemise your business & sack yourself from day to day.

Step 1. Make a note of what you do as you do it in bullet point form and transfer it to a mindmap

Step 2. Send it each Tuesday to a virtual or personal assistant to type up and order in your manuals with clear page refs & indexes, & send back to you Fri 3pm to check (Search on Google: ‘Virtual Assistant {Your Location}’ or go to a local business networking meeting)

Step 3. Anything you say record on an App or dictaphone (sales, marketing, scripts, processes, right down to how to log in) & send the audio file to PA/VA tues for Friday completion(Use dictation function on phone; you can even do it in email on iPhone using the ‘mic’ icon)

Step 4. Read the manual(s) once a month as if you know nothing about the role; could anyone step in and do this role following this manual? Then feedback tweaks to VA ensuring they keep it organised with clear contents & page no. refs

Step 5. Then as you grow you instruct your various team members to do the same, where managers manage down, and your PA can be responsible for yours

The important key to this that everyone seems to agree with but rarely do, is start NOW not when you are preparing for hiring or sale (as it will take much longer, be much harder, disrupt existing business functions and probably hit sales)

Questions comments & arguments welcome below

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