How to Drive Superior Results By Serving & Solving Others

Serving and solving are two of the little known secrets of how to increase your own value, self-worth and remuneration. They are connected and part of the greater whole of our entire species, and the interconnected nature of all species. Even a species becomes extinct once it serves no value.

Serving and solving explains accurately why wealth isn’t evenly distributed. As ideological as socialism and communism are, they don’t encourage serving and solving, which is why capitalism is more prevalent in world social structures and systems.

Capitalism balances human self-interest [needed to survive and thrive] and the interconnected personal-and-greater-whole benefit of serving and solving. Socialism and Communism discourage self-interest and if serving and solving and scale of serving and solving serve the self too, then serving and solving are also discouraged.

You are remunerated in equal balance to the amount of people you serve, the scale of the service you provide, the amount of problems you solve, and the scale of those problems.

Here are some examples of people and companies serving and solving in different areas and different levels:

> Hans Rausing, son of Tetrapak founder Ruben Rausing. Net-worth in excess of $10bn. Most famous innovation: plastic covered paper milk carton

> The Post-it note. It is estimated that 50bn Post-it notes are sold each year and generate approximately $1bn a year in revenue for 3M. The Post-it note was ‘invented’ by accident in 1968

> Ken Modestu receives $23,000 for cutting the hair of the Sultan of Brunei, when expenses from the Dorchester Hotel to South East Asia are added in. Most celebrity hairdressers charge $400 to $1,600 per ‘cut’

> Tetris, the simple computer puzzle game, has sold over 100 million copies

> Eclipse, Roman Abramovich’s yacht, is reputed to have cost between $450million and $1.2bn to build. It has 70 crew, room for 24 guests, 2 helipads and a submarine

> Bill Foege has reputedly helped save 131,000,000 lives with the discovery of the vaccine for smallpox. He now advises for the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, with a view to eradicating polio. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor in 2012

Each of these examples above serve and solve in different ways. Here are the ways they serve and solve, and how you can too:

1. Solve a small problem for many people
2. Solve a big problem for a few people
3. Solve a small problem multiple times
4. Solve a big problem multiple times
5. Serve charitably
6. Serve materially
7. Serve by entertainment

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