Is the love of money wrong?

The pursuit and possession of material items is as ‘spiritual,’ as spirituality itself.

Materialism or the love of money does not make you greedy or selfish. In fact, in order to possess an opulent wealth or material items, you have given economy and gratitude to the seller.

You have helped the seller fund their enterprise and share their passion with others.

You are funding their vision. You have rewarded the seller for their work and created fair exchange. You have helped increase their personal economy, pay their overheads, feed their family and educate their children.

The pursuit of money and material items, whilst remaining humble and serving others, is a benchmark and measurement of your progress towards your goals and a feedback mechanism for your journey and vision.

The further you go and the more material items and wealth you possess, whilst staying humble the balance of spending vs. investing, the greater economy you create locally, nationally and globally.

You increase GDP by spending more, and the economy around you increases. Materialism and money is charity, earned by the seller. You donate more and help more people, and in turn keep the seller learning and growing by earning money and creating service. Charity without fair exchange and transaction can reduce service and earning from the recipient.

Materialism and money inspire others to create more economy. No one ever got inspired by a rusty old car that you drove. Materialism in a spiritual, humble manner shows others they can get rewarded for their efforts and service too.

You need to spend and increase the flow of money, to attract more money. If you are viewed as generous, you will receive more in return.

You can’t receive without giving, so give more to receive more. The measurement of receiving more, and therefore giving more, is materialism.

Experiences can be materialism too, by travelling and through your material wealth enabling others to experience amazing memories that cost money.

Materialism is a tangible form of spirituality, and a measurement of service, solving problems an gratitude.

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