Rejection complex

People don’t stand against you because they hate you.

People stand against you because they stand for something else.

Your unique values & vision have a polarised opposite, and somewhere on the planet someone has almost the exact opposite beliefs, rejection complex, values & view of the world.

If you worry too much about what others think of you, you are minimising your vision & focus, and diluting the very thing that inspires you the most. If you constantly subordinate your inspired plan to reduce conflict or negativity, you end up serving someone else’s plan.

Someone else’s opinion of you, your actions or your vision is simply a projected perception filtered through their own world view. It makes them no more or less right than you, and their vocalised opposition & rejection complex of you is nothing about you but a reflection of their highest values & beliefs.

Accept the challengers as much as the supporters.

Changing strategy or vocation won’t make them go away, you’ll just attract different people/forms of criticism & ridicule somewhere else.

Be thankful for it/them as much as your raving fans, be open to learn from challenge as well as support, be very clear on your vision & never stop doing what’s most important to you, no matter what others say.

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