Is Intelligence everything?

Ever witnessed the behaviour of someone and thought “genius”?

Ever thought to yourself “they’ve been blessed with great talent?”

Ever wondered if intelligence plays a massive role in success?

I certainly have.

Here’s what’s interesting.

Intelligence makes you understand things quicker, faster, but doesn’t guarantee a successful life.

“the world is full of educated derelicts”

Yes, smarter people may have better jobs, but this is not a prerequisite for success.

Active intelligence matters more.

You see, 2 students complete their homework. Both pass. The highly intelligent student finishes within 1 hour at the last minute, while the actively intelligent person starts early, takes longer but gets it done in a day.

To the outside eye, the smarter person is the intelligent one. But here’s the thing.

Coasting throughout life is often dangerous. It can be reckless at best. There’s no guarantee of success.

The active intelligent person on the other-hand is developing a lifelong valuable skill: taking their time and ‘guess-work’ out, consistently double-checking their work, not rushing and taking a cautionary approach at things that might seem a little difficult, thereby minimising any risk

This habit can be learned by anyone, including you.

The highly intelligent person might even dismiss it? So it usually works for people who are highly motivated to succeed. And not those who feel they have already succeeded in life through some gifted skill or genetic feat.

The smartest and ‘gifted’ person might stand out with some incredible credentials.

But take the hardest worker in the room…someone who can always do what they set their mind to…that person will be the one who takes over the world my friend.

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