The Addiction to Distraction

Can You imagine how many minutes we collectively spend a day playing Angry birds?

I’ll tell you. Its 100,000,000 minutes a day.

Did you also know, most people get distracted (2 hours a day) on non-income generating activities watching dancing cats on YouTube?

Trivial pursuits add zero value to your lives. It’s the #1 success destroyer. These distractions invade your hours. They pull you further away from your goal.

So how can you break away from these success destroyers?

Reality #1 – Not choosing is choosing: Opportunities pass by. Windows close. Don’t let “good” opportunities pass by waiting for “perfect” ones. Get perfect later.

Reality #2 – Stop doing crappy stuff. Don’t be available to everyone. Zero interruptions. Pure focus. Massive results.

Reality #3 – Don’t be half committed. You can’t be “half-pregnant”. Make a choice and own it for a while. It will serve you in the long run.

Reality #4 –You can’t ‘have it all’ now. You’re smart and you know this. Put in the time ‘early on’ and build experience, credibility and value.

“You have to work hard enough to earn the right to not have to work hard“

Reality #5 – Decisions are temporary. What seems like a decision over the course of the year may f e e l like forever, but will seem fleeting once you’re that next step closer to Your big success. Your Tipping point.

Don’t wait for “the fallacy of infinite possibilities” You have everything inside you to start now. I believe in you.

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