No Experience Necessary

Is experience really necessary for success?

Do you need experience to take the first (or next) step that you’ve never taken before?

Do you need experience to have the faith that your huge vision will become a reality when you’ve never done it?

Here’s what a lack of experience gives you:

1. Youthful naivety and unwavering belief

2. A lack of real understanding and evidence that you could fail

3. Energy, enthusiasm, passion and motivation that is magnetically infectious?

Maybe you have experience and you forgot these 3 things that gave you momentum, when momentum was all you could expect of yourself?

Or maybe you have no experience but you’re forgetting the assets you already have right now?

When the markets change, when your model dies, when your staff leave with the IP, when the bank pulls the loan, when a key supplier pulls the rug, when a force majeur occurs, what are the only assets you have left?

Energy, enthusiasm, passion and motivation, right?

Use your beginners advantage; there’s no experience necessary to take the first (next) step

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