Lead by Leverage

Every successful person that I have met goes through the painful transition of trying to handover the work they’ve always done, and not being happy at the results that others get for them.

After all, no one does your thing as well as you, right?

They spend much frustrating time in the no man’s land between trying to delegate and micro managing. Most self employed people end up taking the work back themselves because no one can do it as well as them.

Translate: Couldn’t let go. Couldn’t train. Couldn’t communicate. Worse – couldn’t lead.

This is a huge mistake and bottleneck to your wealth.

Have you ever wondered why Bill Gates or Rupert Murdoch can make multi-billions? Do they have more hours in a day? Do they have some accelerated learning technique you don’t know of or a super-human brain? No, the answer is they have around 50,000 employees each who work for them, and they are getting up to 50,000 times more bang for the buck and actual work rate per hour, than most people.

If they had stuck to doing everything themselves they would still be kneading the bread or cooking the food or stacking the shelves.

Before you’re even ready to do so – leverage. Use NET time, other people’s resources, knowledge, their money, their experience, their contacts: anything you can do to achieve more with less will help you achieve more in less time.

And how do you that, and for little cost? Give them a vision they can’t give themselves. Believe in them more than they believe in you. Trust them. Care for them deeply. Set them loose on the world whilst protecting their interests and making failure acceptable.

Many of the property millionaires I train battle this constantly. Convincing them that they need to [personally] do less to get richer is very hard for them to get their heads around; it upsets their beliefs and upbringing.  After all, they have gotten where they are by working hard, right?

Well yes, but if they want to achieve more, don’t they need to do something different? Something they’ve not done before?

Has what they’ve done and achieved already blocked all other opportunities?

Could it be that no matter what level we’re at, what we’re doing is keeping us there, and our next level awaits in what we’re n o t doing?

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